How to properly measure your dog’s neck and find what collar size you need.

Have your dog in a relaxed position preferably standing up and place a measuring tape around the middle part of his/hers neck. Do not overtighten your measuring tape around the neck and leave space for 2 fingers to slide through . If you measure towards the head the collar will be too small and if you measure towards the lower parts of the neck the collar will be too big . If you do not have a measuring tape you can use a long piece of string instead and when you are finished place the piece of string next to a ruler to get the exact measurement.

If for example your dog’s neck is at 25inches , this means the first hole of the collar will be at 25 inches  and you need a at least 30 inches long collar.



How to properly measure your dog for a Dog Harness

Wrap your measuring tape not too tight and not too loose around the widest part of your dog’s torso , this is usually behind the armpits of the front legs.

  • Small : 50cm-60cm / 19″-27″
  • Medium : 60cm-80cm / 27″-31″
  • Large : 80cm-100cm / 31″-39″
  • Xlarge: 100cm-120cm / 39″-47″