Why should you get a handmade leather collar from leatherforpets?

Mass-produced collars for pets are cut from a standard pattern , low quality leathers , most of the times its fake leather , with the help of machines. Handmade leather collars are crafted by us from start to finish. Do you remember how back in the day before textile automated machines were invented, only hand-made clothing existed? Today, more and more people are missing the quality craftsmanship and human touch on their accessories for their pets , collars being the most important ones.
Creating a handmade leather collar from start to finish is a laborious and time-consuming job. Every small detail matters , such as the exact measurements , and to ensure the hardware is set in place perfectly. A machine will never take that much time and effort for you, no machine can look at all the details to ensure each stitch is aligned correctly, or all the hardware are up to the highest standards.

Choosing a handmade leather collar from leatherforpets , also gives you the ability to customise it and personalise it to your needs . You can choose your own color when it comes to stitching , be able to add your best friend’s name onto the collar and also you can add soft padding on each collar for a luxurious feel , fit and finish.

Your pets mean everything to you , why not treat them with a handmade luxury leather collar?

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